09, Jun 2015

How I Alienated my Grandma is a Children’s Choice finalist!

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I’m very excited to be a finalist in the Children’s Choice category of the New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults.

This year, more than 6,500 children and young adults from 106 schools from throughout the country have selected their own finalists from the 149 books submitted for the Awards. In previous years, the Children’s Choice was made from the judges’ finalist list, rather than from the full number of submitted books.

Nicola Legat, chair of the New Zealand Book Awards Trust, says, ”We wanted to hand this section over to the children – for them to decide which books they engaged with and which books they loved, rather than making their choices based on the criteria the judges used to make their decisions. Of the 20 books chosen as Children’s Choice finalists, seven match those on the judges’ list, so we’re very much looking forward to seeing the results of round two of the children’s vote over the next seven weeks.”

Voting for the Children’s Choice opens on Tuesday, 9 June and closes on Friday, 31 July.

If you’re under 18 and you enjoyed How I Alienated my Grandma then please take a couple of minutes to vote for it. Click here to vote.