How I Alienated My Grandma

Published by Scholastic
Illustrations by Fraser Williamson


Michael’s grandma might look normal, but she isn’t!

Ever since Michael unearthed a strange object from his back yard and pointed it at his grandma, her behaviour has been off the planet and no one except Michael is noticing it.

A spaceship load of trouble has been unleashed from Michael’s garden. But his only allies are a bumbling sci-fi geek and a stinky oddball! What hope does he have of saving his grandma and stopping the diabolical plan that threatens them all?

Praise for How I Alienated My Grandma:

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From the first page, Michael’s tale of how he accidentally implants an alien lifeform in his grandma and must embark on a crazy and hilarious mission to save the world from alien invasion – with nothing but his wits, his best friend Elvis, and the mad old man living on the outskirts of town to help – had me howling with laughter and pinned to my seat. I read the whole thing in one sitting, and laughed aloud many, many times. Whether Michael and Elvis are hunting cloaked spaceships or negotiating with the terrifying Librarian, the prose is sharp and witty, and will have you believing that it all Really Happened.

All kids from eight up (including grown-up ones!) will LOVE this book.

J.L. Pawley.

You have got to read this book. Have a load of tissues for the laughter and time to read it from beginning to end. It is so hard to put it down but even harder to do the house work and hang out washing while trying to read it!

G. Kempton.