About Suzanne Main

Hi! Here’s a little background into the how, why and when of ‘How I Alienated my Grandma’ and me, the author behind it.

I love reading. As a kid most of my time was spent with my nose buried in a book, much to the disgust of my little sister who was always trying to entice me out to play with her.

Despite my love of reading, I chose a career path that led away from words – training and working as an accountant. I have a love for numbers and logic too.

It wasn’t until much later in life I decided to try creative writing. In 2011 I completed the New Zealand Writer’s College Introduction to Creative Writing. This was followed up by a weekend novel writing course where the idea for How I Alienated my Grandma was born. Spurred on by the encouraging remarks of my tutors (and without so much as a short story to my name), I gamely and rather naively set out to write a book. Miraculously (albeit slowly) I finished it in late 2012.

In 2013 I entered my manuscript for the Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon award – a competition for unpublished writers for a middle-grade manuscript. The prize for winning – $1500 and a publishing contract with Scholastic New Zealand.

Five months later, I was visiting my mother in law in hospital (and no, the grandma in my story is not modelled after her – she would kill me if I didn’t point that out), when my phone rang. It was Storylines. I had won the Tom Fitzgibbon award. I was so excited! I don’t think I said much apart from repeating ‘Are you kidding me?!’ more times than I care to remember. After hanging up the phone, I shrieked so loudly, two nurses charged into the room. I think they were expecting to find a medical emergency. Instead they encountered one very excited author and a rather bemused elderly lady trying to recover from surgery.

Since then, my first book has had four print runs and is being published internationally. It was a children’s choice finalist in the 2015 NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, and a Storylines Notable Book.

My second book is being released by Scholastic NZ in October 2017.